About Me

image of Stella Tharin, the person behind stained and confused creations
Hi there! I’m Stella Tharin, a stained and fused glass artist based in Wilmington, North Carolina. I create glass art and jewelry in hopes of bringing some extra beauty into your everyday life! Having grown up in the Wrightsville Beach area, I’ve found myself continuously being inspired by the coast. Minimalism and eco-friendliness are some of my goals in art, using recycled bottles for fusing, scrap glass for random creations, beach finds etc. I love surfing and being in the ocean! The feeling the ocean gives me is one I strive to express in my art. As well as my love for plants, astrology, and traveling!
I feel that stained glass is still viewed as a traditional art form used majorly in churches and other religious structures. I’m here to change this outlook and put a modern twist on these traditional views.  Stained glass has been in my life ever since I can remember. My mom taught me a lot of what I know and we currently share a home workshop. When I start a new creation, almost all of them begin with a sheet of glass and a hand drawn, original pattern. I’m constantly coming up with new ideas inspired by nature, astrology, or my spiritual journey through life! Make sure to keep checking back to see what’s new. I hope Stained and Confused brings happiness and colorful light into your life!